Funding Opportunities

This page contains information on the Centre's funding opportunities.


Endowment Awards 2021

Applications for the 2021 DMCBH Endowment Awards have closed. More information can be found on the Graduate Program in Neuroscience website. 


Equipment Fund


Applicants must be a full member of the DMCBH.


This program will contribute towards the purchase of research equipment. It is primarily designed to provide matching support and cover small shortfalls for equipment grants (e.g. CFI, NSERC, RTI), but can also be used for the purchase of equipment in conjunction with other DMCBH labs. The equipment does not have to be located in DMCBH/Koerner labs but must benefit DMCBH members.

Awards available:

This program will support 5-6 appications per year, up to a maximum of $10,000/application.

How to apply:

Provide the following information in your application, which should be a maximum of 2 pages:

  • Title of project, brief outline, total budget, and amount requested;
  • Funding organization, and current stage in the application review process (if applicable);
  • Equipment item(s), proposed location, and a quote;
  • Sustainability plan for ongoing maintenance/service of equipment;
  • Benefits to the CBH community and list of CBH labs that the equipment will support/impact;
  • List of matching requests made to other Departments/Centres/Labs/donors/ vendors;
  • References, quotes can be attached as Appendices.

Review process:

Applications will be adjudicated by a small sub-set of the DMCBH Executive Committee and Chris Crossfield.

Evaluation criteria:

  • Potential impact and benefit to DMCBH community
  • Sustainability plan

Submission & questions:

There is no set deadline for this program. Please submit completed applications in PDF format to Chris Crossfield ( Any questions regarding this program and the application process can also be directed to Chris. 


Kickstart Grants – Spring 2021


The primary applicant must be a full member of the DMCBH.

If a full member holds an active DMCBH research award as either primary or co-applicant, they will be considered ineligible for the Spring 2021 competition.


This program will support research projects that demonstrate new research collaborations, directions, and technological developments that can be used to generate preliminary data for future research grant competitions to external funding agencies.

This program is intended to strengthen and foster new collaborations within the DMCBH community and across UBC.

Awards available:

This program will fund up to a maximum of five (5) one-year term awards at $30,000.

The term for each award will be July 1 – June 30.

How to apply:

Your application should be no longer than 2 pages and must include the following headings:

  1. Project Title, primary applicant, co-applicants, and an outline of team member roles;
  2. Concept;
  3. Approach;
  4. Impact;
  5. Budget.


  1. The primary applicant and co-applicant(s) must attach a CV (4 pages maximum) that includes a list of publications from the past 5 years and a statement signed by all applicants that they hold no active research funding from DMCBH;
  2. References.

Combine the application and Appendices into a single PDF for your submission.

Applications for this award are now closed.

Review Process:

This is a competitive peer review process and each application will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • innovative concept;
  • collaborative approach and strength of team; 
  • potential impact.

Applications will be adjudicated by a committee as designated by the DMCBH Executive and will include a Chair and 3-4 reviewing members.

Submission & questions:

Applications for this award are now closed.

If you have any question, please contact Chris Crossfield (